The White Orchid TWO Range

Organic Skincare Products

About The Two Range

We produce an exclusive range of Handcrafted Organic Personal-Care Products using proven best practice and traditional methods. Our exclusive range of products are unique because they are all made from ingredients that are certified organic, contain no synthetic chemicals or animal-derived fats whatsoever and are totally natural. We have created our products to offer our customers a substitute to the mass-produced chemical-laden products available today.

Benefits of TWO Products

*certified organic ingredients will be used wherever possible.

TWO Treatments

Using our in depth knowledge we offer our customers tailored natural treatments suitable to their needs, wants & skin-type. Incorporating seaweed, peat, alkaline salts, plant extracts, oils and aromatherapy principles, we set standards of the highest quality in the Natural Beauty & Spa Industry.


TWO Soaps

Our entire range of soaps leaves the skin feeling hydrated, replenished and soft – unlike ordinary mass-produced bars which dries out the upper epidermis and can cause dermal irritation. Our soaps are unique as they can be used throughout all life-stages, from babies to mature adults.


TWO Paraffin-Free Candles

What is Paraffin Wax?

Paraffin Wax is an inexpensive, unrenewable by-product leftover from the petroleum refining process. In light of recent studies, paraffin wax has the ability to release harmful carcinogenic and toxic compounds into the atmosphere similar to the fumes produced by your car.

So why is this important to you?

When burned, cheap paraffin wax candles release a toxic petrol-carbon soot into the surrounding environment. This soot can blacken the rim of candle jars, furniture, walls and ceilings. Over time, inhalation of these toxic air-contaminants can prove hazardous to your health and the environment.

Why choose our Soya-Wax Candles?

At The White Orchid we adore the soothing effect of candle-light and demand safer options. As a result we have created an exclusive range of biodegradable Soya-Wax Candles [link] scented with natural essential oils. All our candles are entirely free from paraffin wax, parabens and synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances or other harmful chemical additives. In addition we use natural, sustainable cotton wicks as a natural alternative to bleached wicks containing harmful metals, zinc or lead.

As an added bonus, our Soya-Wax candles burn twice as long as paraffin-based candles…so our customers avail of added value for money in addition to helping your surrounding environment and health.

Main Benefits of TWO Soya-Wax Candles

Clean Burning

Longer Burning-Time

Gradual Scent-Release

Natural, renewable and economical plant-wax alternative.

Water soluble and Bio-degradable plant-wax alternative.


TWO Bath Salts and Scrubs

Formulated using specific quantities of Epsom salt (Crystallized magnesium sulfate), Sea salt, Himalayan salts, Essential oils, Sunflower oil, Rosehip oil and Avocado oil. Our alkaline mineral-rich bath salts and scrubs are designed for dry skin in need of some TLC.

Epsom and sea-salt have numerous skin benefits while Sunflower, Rosehip and Avocado oils provide a nourishing, active base for our Body Scrubs. Himalayan salt is comprised naturally of 84 minerals with renewing, replenishing and exfoliating actions on the skin.

So whether you are prepping your skin for Organic spray tanning, seeking relaxation or deep exfoliation, our TWO Bath Salts and Scrubs are the perfect choice!

Benefits of TWO Bath Salts and Scrubs:


TWO Lip-Protection

We are all familiar with the old-fashioned tin of petroleum jelly, but are you aware of the side-effect associated with its use? Research has shown that petroleum jelly ‘suffocates’ the skin, contains known carcinogenic compounds and is more likely to cause skin irritations. Applied to the skin, petroleum jelly interferes with the skins moisturising properties which can lead to further dry skin problems and chapping despite its worldwide use as a “lip-care” product.

We us only natural plant butters and oils which act as a protective breathable barrier on the skin without suffocating the epidermis. We formulate our nutrient-rich lip-balms for specific roles: from antibacterial/viral plant extracts infused balms suitable for cold-sore prevention to hydrating oil infused balms suitable for chapped lips. Our lip-balms are suitable for both children and adults alike – a necessity especially with our inclement Irish weather!