Natural Beauty & Spa Rooms

Organic, Ethically & Environmentally Conscious Treatments & Products

At The White Orchid, we are devoted to running a salon with a difference. Our inspiration comes from our family’s traditional love of biology, nature, plants and the environment. As a result we have developed our dedicated Natural Beauty & Spa Rooms which provide unique treatments, using only naturally-sourced products. We are committed to using only the highest quality, organic, fair-trade, vegan and ethically sourced products, including seaweed, peat, alkaline salts, plant extracts and oils, in all our natural treatments. We use only muslin cloth which has the additional benefit of being an entirely organic material. With in-house expertise in Herbal Science (BSc), our knowledge allows us to harness the therapeutic application of specific plants, herbs and oils and make them available to you in our tailored organic treatments.

Our Natural Beauty & Spa rooms promises to Revitalize, Invigorate and Renew.


So why is this important to you?

Are you aware that the skin is the largest systemic organ in your body? Over 60% of what we apply to our skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This is critical in view of recent medical and scientific evidence that certain chemicals are capable of bio-accumulating within the body leading to the onset of mild to serious conditions over time. We believe it’s time to provide customers with alternative, safer beauty options. The use of carefully extracted essential oils offers our customers a unique aromatherapy stress relief using the Earth’s natural fragrances.

By dedicating these rooms to Natural, Organic Products we are minimising our customers exposure to chemical-laden products.

The products we use are: